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Our mission at energy.org is to provide you, the consumer, with non-technical, unbiased, balanced, practical information from reliable sources on issues relating to U.S. national energy concerns, personal energy management, and the impact of energy development and use on the environment.

We are dedicated to providing education sufficient for understanding current energy resources, technology, economics and policy, which will enable and encourage informed participation in public debate and action.

Our approach is to make use of the many excellent online sources for energy information, rather than attempt to duplicate what has already been more than adequately covered by others. Energy.org is an organizing resource that brings together, on a select basis, many of the disparate sources of high quality news and information on energy scattered about the Internet in one convenient location. In other words, we do not generate most of our content but rather link to select sites where excellent content is to be found.

Our site will grow slowly, topic by topic. We seek to make each addition to the site a high-quality, thorough contribution to your effort to learn and understand the complex array of issues that make up today's field of energy.

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