Passive? Platinum? PREFAB?!?! All of these describe houses that are part of the new Green Paradigm. Whether a building is old or new, the greening is all about imagination, space planning, use of materials, and, yes, cash. But the effect is WOW!








Our online home work is to help you find ways to save energy and update your dwelling with your budget, and ultimately, your personal serenity in mind.


1. QUICK TIPS THAT SAVE ENERGY: Every energy-related consumer website has its own checklist of energy-saving tips. Here are a few of our favorites.


2. ENERGY AUDIT, Part 1: Professional   Call your public utility first!  (Our energy bill comes each month with the power company's suggestions for savings, including info about Smart Home Rebates and incentives they offer - like a free or discounted professional audit.)


3. ENERGY AUDIT, Part 2: Do-It-Yourself    Here are useful links that can make it possible for you to test your own home for ways to improve its energy usage.


4. MAKE A PLAN:  Now that you've made a list of things you can do to save money by saving energy, here are some important steps to take as you put together your physical and financial strategies.

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SLIDESHOW: Home Energy Management Gets Real


What to look at (maybe buy!) before your energy company provides you with a "Smart Meter". Here are some smart devices that control and monitor the use of energy in the home. They can save you money and they're increasingly affordable!



Yup, that's right. The Japanese car company is connecting home electric generation and management with "electromotive mobility products" (i.e., electric cars) to find CO2 reductions of 50%.



The Green Building Council and LEED-certifided architects, contractors and realtors have generously dedicated time and web space to answer consumers' questions about GREEN ENERGY EFFICIENCY, aesthetics and other concerns.

Courtesy of Winnipeg Free Press

The new Winnipeg Airport Terminal offers some masterly solutions to problems of energy efficiency in a cold climate.