Transportation, the life's blood of our economy, runs predominantly on petroleum. That's a growing problem for several reasons: competition, supplies, costs, and climate changes. Yet we still need to move and grow. Rethinking fuels and the engines that use them is now the job of researchers, manufacturers, investors, government - and consumers. So what fuels are now in the pipeline?

Cars ++

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Planes, trains and automobiles?  Yes, and buses, bikes and blimps.  All of the above!  They carry us three thousand miles "from sea to shining sea." Through big gulps of still-open space.  Room for solitude.  And suburbs.  And commuting. 

That's transit in the U.S.A.   But the big romance in transit is the automobile.  It plays a major part in the shifting energy paradigm, as inexpensive gasoline, looked on by many as an American birthright, becomes more expensive in a more competitive world.  


Cars $$: Energy (Money) Saving Tips
The Chevy Bolt: 200 Miles per charge - Washington Auto Show '16

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Pure electric! A 17.1 kWh battery storage capacity? $30,000 price tag? Auto show consumers say, "Build it!"

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