The Sun is undergoing an extensive revision. The issue of global warming is of such importance to human civilization that it now impacts all energy issues. When our current website revisions are complete, that influence will be incorporated into most of our current content and most of the content we add in the future.


It is now a virtual certainty that the earth is undergoing accelerated global warming. Furthermore, there is a nearly unanimous agreement among scientists studying climate/energy phenomena that global warming is caused by human use of fossil fuels, with the attendant release of greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere. The impact of this warming trend on the biosphere, including human civilization, is likely to be quite destructive, with increasing difficulties becoming manifest, the longer the growth in GHG release is allowed to continue.


There are measures that can be employed to mitigate global warming, along with geoengineering possibilities for removing GHG's from the atmosphere. However, the political difficulties involved in implementing those solutions are daunting, largely due to lack of knowledge on the part of the general public and timidity on the part of political decision makers. Thus, one of the primary purposes of is to assist our readers in educating themselves on energy and climate and provide the information necessary for informed political action.


Accordingly, our mission at, as we revise the current content and add more, will be to implement the following vision. will become a "school" for learning about energy and climate issues. The site will be structured as a series of courses in various topics, free to the public, including the following as possibilities:

  • current and recent news about energy and climate change
  • description of principal energy sources, their origins, uses and current limits
  • basic global warming science and history
  • current and projected impact of fossil fuel use on the environment, with emphasis on the impact of greenhouse gases on the biosphere of the atmosphere, land and oceans
  • alternative energy sources - wind, solar, geothermal, etc.
  • technologies available for dealing directly with climate change, including mitigation and geoengineering
  • political issues involved in the debate on how to cope with global warming
  • how the individual citizen can affect the debate on energy/climate policy and solutions
  • measures that can directly limit energy requirements at a household or business level


The organization and content of the classes on will be designed to offer a learning path which can be used by individuals for self-study and by small groups that wish to structure a joint learning experience. It is our intent to provide a tool for any interested party to learn and spread the knowledge they learn to others. We hope that what we offer will be taken up by schools, civic groups, churches or any other organization where members wish to expand their knowledge about this supremely important topic.


Tim Beckham

Note to Our Readers