Wind Turbines
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There are several important variables in considering the cost of a wind power installation. There is a large capital cost in the construction of a wind farm. This is not only reflected in the cost of the turbines themselves, but also includes the cost of extending the complex of electrical grid cables and substations to the wind farm location. Since the windy areas that are optimal for the generation of wind-based electrical power tend to be in remote areas, far from the main body of the national grid, the cost of extending those grid facilities can be very high.

Ongoing power production after construction is complete is considerably more favorable than the initial construction costs. The cost of "fuel" is zero, so the cost of daily generation of power is dependent mostly on other factors, such as the need for additional power sources, environmental effects, and maintenance of the wind turbines. These costs, however, tend to be considerably less, overall, than the upfront capital requirements.