Wind Resources


U.S. Wind Resources and Transmission Lines
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Wind is location dependent. A wind power farm must be located where the wind blows. Although there are sufficient locations in the USA where optimal conditions exist for wind power to make a substantial contribution to the national electrical power supply, these locations are usually distant from population centers where power is most in demand and, thus, remote from the electrical grids that furnish power to those populations.


The best conditions in the USA for generating power from wind are found primarily in the northern west and midwest, where wind is more consistent and has greater velocity than in most other locations. See the accompanying map for a review of all areas of the lower 48 states, showing conditions ranging from poor to outstanding.

In addition to onshore locations, there are many offshore areas where the wind is sufficient to be productive as a source of power. Although no offshore wind farms have been built as yet in the USA, this area of development offers great potential for meeting future energy needs.