Super Grid

Introduction to Super Grid

"Super Grids" are smart grids implemented on a national, international, or continental scale. North America's current grid systems are divided into several interconnecting sections, all of which are formed, to varying degrees, from antiquated technologies. There is a national effort underway to upgrade the various grid systems to smart grid standards. As that occurs, the upgraded grids can be connected to form a super grid. It will take years to finish this process, but once completed the result will be a technologically superior, continental grid system.

Some of the advantages of a Super Grid are:

  • Use of Renewable Energy Sources
    Long distance transmission lines will be installed throughout the super grid area. These lines will be able to carry electricity from remote areas that use energy derived from renewable energy sources to create electricity, thus serving the needs of customers located anywhere in the super grid area.
  • Energy Independence
    Areas served by super grids will have their energy independence strengthened, since they will be better able to draw on multiple, electrical generation sources, rather than having to rely on one or two that are connected to their current grid.