Smart Grid

Introduction to the Smart Grid

Improvement to the current grid is essential, so a grid-wide transformation for electricity production and delivery is proposed. This proposal, which implements "smart grid" technologies, envisions a master plan serving the full range of regional grids throughout the whole country. The Smart Grid would consist of additional, improved infrastructure, while conserving and upgrading some of what we already have.

Smart Grids are described by the following standards:

  • Sense and measure the detailed status of the grid at every level of its activity.
  • Provide bidirectional communication between grid control centers, monitoring devices throughout the grid, and consumers and consumer appliances.
  • Move ever more electricity flexibly, efficiently & affordably.
  • Eliminate "bottlenecks" which cause power outages.
  • Automate many grid functions that are now performed and controlled manually.
  • Integrate new, intermittent power sources like wind and solar effectively.
  • Carry the growing torrents of informational data.
  • Enable new technologies such as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, smart appliances, and home automation software and hardware.