Energy Problems


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Coal Plant

There are many problems that arise from excessive use of fossil fuels, the fuels that provide us with the energy we need for virtually all aspects of modern civilization. That excessive use, if allowed to continue unchecked, has the potential to deeply threaten the stability of modern civilization on a global scale and to do harm to our planet and its ecosystems in ways that are pervasive and long-lasting.

The first step in understanding and coming to terms with the excessive use of fossil fuels is education. We must become knowledgeable about the problems that result from the myriad of ways we use energy across our planet. It is only after we have acknowledged the problems we are creating that we can collectively summon the focus and courage to make the sacrifices that are necessary to secure a safe and nurturing global environment for our children and their progeny.

In the pages of this "Problems" section, we will list and briefly describe many of the difficulties that confront mankind, as a result of the exploitation of energy resources. Primarily, we will focus on the issues that arise from the massive use of fossil fuels, but we will also address some of the problems that come about from the use of other sources of energy, such as nuclear fission and the various forms of alternative energy.