Our Mission

Energy is essential for the security and development of modern civilization. The use of energy pervades our existence, from the heating of our homes and the fueling of our vehicles to creating the fabrics used in clothing ourselves and our children. Energy makes modern life possible.

However, the fuels used to generate our energy can be misused, and that misuse can result in great harm to the global environment that forms the cradle of our societies, our nations, our families and ourselves - as well as the ecosystems in which plants and animals thrive and grow on our planet.

It is the purpose of this website to examine the multifarious ways in which energy is generated and then used, both creatively and destructively, and the impacts the fuels used to generate energy have on our world. Our purpose is also to examine potential solutions to the problems that have already arisen and will likely arise in our children's future, due to the misuse of energy sources.

The most important, core cause in the array of problems associated with energy fuel misuse is the generation of excessive amounts of certain gaseous materials - carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide - in the course of fossil fuel combustion. These gases, when released into the atmosphere in excessive amounts, result in changes in the earth's atmosphere and other earth systems, that include a dangerous warming of the planet. We will examine those earth system changes and challenges in detail.

Finally, there is no way to discuss the topic of energy and the effects fossil fuels have on our environment and civilization, without delving into the political implications of that discussion. Our efforts to deal with the effects of energy fuel misuse are fraught with conflict, emotion, fear, and a resultant, social and political paralysis. That paralysis arises when we attempt, on either a national or global level, to agree upon and implement the often costly and burdensome solutions that are most effective. Indeed, it is often difficult to come to an agreement that there are any problems at all!

The array of problems and conflicts that are an intrinsic aspect of the challenges of fuel misuse can only be resolved within a well-informed, scientific, practical and political context. It is the purpose of this website to offer information, perspectives and solutions that will help to inform our choices and guide us in cooperative, mutually beneficial decisions and solutions.